Lightweight Surfskis | Nordic Kayaks USA


Introducing the cool kids of the surf ski world: crafted from a mix of fiberglass, epoxy, and a slick gelcoat finish for those who like it sturdy, alongside our trusty polyethylene models for the up-and-comers. Engineered with Proline smarts, these beauties boast that classic Nordic Kayaks comfort—think ergonomic bliss with a side of stability. And the best part? They won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Perfect for beginners and club aficionados alike, they’re the go-to gear if you’re looking to make waves without capsizing your budget. Dive in, the water’s just fine!

Club 560

NK Club 560 surfski

Ideal for beginners and clubs.

Club 540

NK Club 540 surfski

Our most stable surfski.

Club 480

NK Club 480 surfski

Samall beginners surfski – ideal for kids.


Ideal for clubs and for hire.