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Club 560

Nordic Kayaks Club 560

The Club 560 stands out as the nimble surf ski in the Clubline family. It strikes a sweet balance between stability and speed, sitting comfortably between the Squall and Exrcize models. It’s perfect for those who are a bit more advanced and fitness-focused. The cockpit accommodates paddlers from 155 to 200 cm / 5’1” – 6’6.7”, and the 42 cm / 16.5” seat width, which narrows as it goes down, offers a snug fit for even smaller hips—comfort guaranteed!

About the Clubline

Perfect for Beginners and Clubs

Perfect for beginners and clubs alike, the Clubline models from NK are your go-to surf skis for regular training, wave-riding fun, or scenic touring. Equipped with two optional carbon loading hatches, these kayaks are as versatile as they come. Crafted with fiberglass, epoxy resin, and a sleek gray gelcoat, they’re tough, durable, and ready to take a beating—ideal for those who want great value without compromising on quality.

Despite their rugged build, these boats maintain a respectable weight—approximately 14.5 kg (32 lbs) for the Club 540 and Club 560, and a lean 13 kg (28.6 lbs) for the Club 480—all at a price that won’t make your wallet cry.

Each kayak comes loaded with all the nifty NK features you love: a quick-adjust carbon footrest, carbon carry handles on the sides and at the front/rear, and the efficient deBrito self-bailer (aka drain flap). And for that extra touch of convenience, the Clubline includes a built-in step in the cockpit to make getting in and out a breeze.

Included with your new NK surfski

  • carbon fiber footrest with self adjusting lines made for easy length adjustment
  • deBrito (vs 3) foot controlled self bailer, the most efficient on the market
  • anchor point for leash on the foot strap
  • Bungy’s on back deck
  • NK/deBrito rudder control yoke for optimal smooth steering
  • Carrying handles on the front and back
  • Carbon handles on the side of the cockpit
  • Step as an entry and exit aid
  • Race rudder as standard

Special Equipment

Touring Edition: 2 carbon hatches in the foot area and on the deck (additional $350) and a kick-up rudder from Smart Track (additional $200).

Additional Rudder Options


The Club Line consists of a robust material mix of fiberglass, epoxy resin, gelcoat with a stringer over the entire length of the boat for additional rigidity.