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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! We keep stock of our most popular models and colors. Please see our Inventory page for what we have in stock currently. If what you are looking for is not there – you can place a custom order and get it in on our next shipment.

Yes! We receive regular shipments throughout the year, and can distribute throughout the US and Hawaii.

Sure, contact us to arrange a time to pick up your new boat. our warehouse is in Carson, WA. We do have cost saving local delivery options too.

Our shippers deliver to central locations  – we aim to get as close to you as possible, but due to the trailer size we usually have a  central pick up point that works for our truck and driver. You will need to meet our driver and car-top your new boat. If you cannot car-top, please contact us and we will find a solution for you.

Yes! Your new boat has a 2 year factory warranty. See our warranty page for more info

The safest way to car-top your boat is in slings, this allows the least amount of pressure to be placed on the boat.
If you do not own slings, make sure you have good quality foam on your roof racks, never tie on too tightly, and the wider your roof racks apart on your roof, the better.

Yes, please ensure the boat is dry when stored in the cover. Leaving a boat in a wet cover,  and leaving it in the sun, can cause osmotic blistering, which is not covered by the factory warranty.

Your new surfski comes with a soft, stretchy boat cover, an NK bottle holder and water bottle, the NK race rudder, and a toolkit to adjust your rudder.

Yes, we keep all spare parts, as well as other paddling accessories in stock. We also offer free shipping on all shop orders. Please see our online shop HERE.

We recommend always storing your boat in a cool, shady area. If you have to store it in the sun, we do sell UV covers, that will protect it from the sun’s damage.

Always rinse your boat with fresh water after use, especially in salt water, and wipe down with a chamois.
Make sure to rinse the metal parts.