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Storm 610 Overview


Intermediate Downwind Marvel
Meet The Storm, your surfski with a side of sass. It boasts all the high-octane features of our Nitro models but plays it cool with extra stability. Perfect for the seasoned paddler, The Storm transforms rigorous paddles into pure joyrides without the wobble. Swift and adaptable, The Storm excels in the waves, turning heads while it turns the tide. On flat water? It’s still a front-runner, designed with both race day and your daily fitness regime in mind. The Storm 610 is all about spacious comfort, fitting tall paddlers from 165cm / 5’4” to those at 200cm / 6’7” and beyond. Prefer something a bit snugger? The Storm 570 offers a cockpit that’s 5cm cozier, ideal for paddlers from 155cm / 5’1” up to 195cm / 6’5”. So, why settle for less when you can have the perfect storm?

Included with your new NK surfski

  • carbon fiber footrest with self adjusting lines made for easy length adjustment
  • deBrito (vs 3) foot controlled self bailer, the most efficient on the market
  • anchor point for leash on the foot strap
  • bike-bottle holder including NK sports bottle in cockpit
  • bungy on back deck
  • NK/deBrito rudder control yoke for optimal smooth steering
  • Race rudder as standard

Additional Rudder Options


All our crafts at NK are sculpted using prepreg carbon and autoclaved to perfection—a technique that’s as elite as it is intricate. Not many in the kayak realm have adopted this high-end method, known for its hefty price tag and complex execution.

Thanks to the uniform distribution of material in prepregs and the meticulously controlled high temperatures and pressures in the autoclave, our surfskis and kayaks boast unparalleled strength while maintaining a surprisingly light weight.

The layers in each boat are fused under intense conditions to create an exceptionally durable bond, ensuring our kayaks are not only reliable but also built to last. This cutting-edge technology is shared with industries where precision is paramount—like aerospace and Formula 1 racing. At NK, we bring this extraordinary engineering right to your boat.




Brian Murphy
Brian MurphyStorm 610 CC
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“By far my NK is the most well constructed, comfortable, and responsive boat I have yet to paddle.”
Wilson Reavley
Wilson ReavleyNitro 640
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"I love paddling my Nitro 640, it's the most comfortable ski I've ever paddled and an absolute blast in everything from glassy flatwater to nuking downwind!"
Dennis Mowry
Dennis MowryStorm 570 & Nitro 600
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"Very comfortable, fun, & nimble boats."