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Featherweight Champions: K1 Marathon Kayaks

Introducing our K1 series—K1 41, K1 43, and K1 45: the sleek, fleet fleet that’s as light as a feather and strong as an ox. Thanks to some clever borrowing from our surf skis’ hydrodynamic designs and our ultra-light carbon fiber craftsmanship, these kayaks are a breeze to paddle—whether you’re going for speed or endurance. Craving that extra zip? The K1 41 is your speed demon, tailored for the race-ready paddler who loves a good adrenaline rush. If you’re more about hitting your stride with some vigorous workouts, the K1 43 is your gym on the water. And for those who like a bit more balance without sacrificing the zoom, the K1 45 offers stability with a side of speed, ideal for a broader spectrum of kayaking enthusiasts. All three models manage to be remarkably stable for their width, which is no small feat. And the seats? They’re practically thrones. With full support that hugs your sitting bones, you can wave goodbye to the typical squirm-and-shift routine. The design allows for excellent rotation and legwork, with seats available in two heights for your perfect paddling posture. As for your feet, they’ll feel like royalty too. Our footrests feature pedals and a hefty base plate paired with an adjustable strap, ensuring you stay locked in for responsive and stable steering. Ready to paddle out in style? Pick your K1 and let’s make some waves!

Included with your new NK K1

  • carbon pedal rudder steering system
  • Surfski-Style seat
  • Standard rudder: Marathon
  • optional: deBrito Self Bailer, bulkhead


All our crafts at NK are sculpted using prepreg carbon and autoclaved to perfection—a technique that’s as elite as it is intricate. Not many in the kayak realm have adopted this high-end method, known for its hefty price tag and complex execution.

Thanks to the uniform distribution of material in prepregs and the meticulously controlled high temperatures and pressures in the autoclave, our surfskis and kayaks boast unparalleled strength while maintaining a surprisingly light weight.

The layers in each boat are fused under intense conditions to create an exceptionally durable bond, ensuring our kayaks are not only reliable but also built to last. This cutting-edge technology is shared with industries where precision is paramount—like aerospace and Formula 1 racing. At NK, we bring this extraordinary engineering right to your boat.




Chris Chapell
Chris ChapellK1 43
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"As an intermediate K1 paddler, 6-2 and 205lbs, I was looking for a marathon K1 that is stable, lightweight, easily sheds weed, and still maintains a decent speed for a long race for my ability. My NK K1 43 CX carries my size very well, is stable and very fast for a 43cm wide K1, all while still maintaining a boat feel similar to my olympic K1s - loving the K1 43."